Super Secret Whiskey Barrel Custom Deposit
Super Secret Whiskey Barrel Custom Deposit
Super Secret Whiskey Barrel Custom Deposit
Super Secret Whiskey Barrel Custom Deposit

Super Secret Whiskey Barrel Custom Deposit

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Do you have a space that needs a specific size to get the perfect look?  I can help with that!  Is there a color scheme that you are trying to maintain in your home?  I can help with that!  Did you want a piece engraved with something that will make your piece extra special?  I can help with that also!

Once order is placed and deposit is paid on the website, I will work with you on creating a custom piece for your home. Please be sure you are checking the email you provided in this order.   We will discuss colors, design and wood tones to blend it perfectly with your décor.  I use reclaimed wood and incorporate lath from a Montana farm home.  I share the process of the build as I go, so you will have a memory to associate with this piece!

What is the cost?  This deposit will be applied to the balance of the final payment, which is due upon my completion of the piece. Pricing for a Whiskey Barrel Ringed Round is $285.00 Please keep in mind that you are responsible for shipping costs if you are not picking up locally.  If you decide on a large piece, shipping can be expensive and I may recommend creating your piece in panels.

Estimated completion time is end of March I’m excited to work with you!

***Please understand that I am an artist, yet I have limitations.  If I cannot create the piece that you are asking for, or if it doesn't fit my brand and style of my work, I do reserve the right to refund your deposit and refuse the order.  Please take time to check out my portfolio on Instagram to see my past creations.  There are many artists available to create a piece for you if you do not want my style of work!  I can even help with referring you to another artist if I know of someone. 



UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO DEMAND AND TIME, DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE.  If you do not respond within two weeks to my email regarding details for your build, you forfeit your deposit and custom order spot.  

 *Maximum size 12 square feet.